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Mentor Sweden is a Swedish NGO established in 1994 on the initiative of H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden. The organisation’s sole focus is health promotion and prevention of drug abuse among children and young people in Sweden. The target groups are young people aged 13-17, parents and schools.


In partnership with Swedish corporations and adult volunteers, Mentor Sweden manages three key programs: Mentoring, Parenting and job inspiration activities. The programs are aimed at promoting health and preventing drug abuse through instilling confidence in young people and creating healthy, inspiring relationships between adults and youth. Mentor Sweden is part of the Mentor Foundation, an umbrella organisation for all of the Mentor organisations worldwide. In addition to Mentor Sweden, the organisation and the programs are available in seven other locations worldwide.

Mentor Foundation

The Mentoring Program

The need for adult role models is high among young people today. Healthy relationships with adults is a major protective factor in the lives of young people concerning the prevention of destructive behaviors, such as violence and drug abuse. The Mentoring Program offers students in their younger teens a unique opportunity to have a mentor, an adult friend, for a year. The pairs meet regularly, twice a month, for a year. The intial connection between the mentors and the teenagers, as well as their meetings, take place outside normal school hours. The adults mentors are trained through a course in mentoring skills before being introduced to their mentee, and are offered guidance through the year by our supervisors.

The need for adult role models is high among young people today. To have good and many adult relationships is a major protective factor, helping to prevent destructive behaviour with violence and drugs. 

The Parenting Support

The Mentor Sweden Parenting Support program consists of seminars and courses for parents of young people aged 6-18. Parents are the most important role models for young people, and Mentor Sweden’s Parenting activities aim to strengthen parenting skills, thereby enabling parents to lead their children into a healthy, non-destructive lifestyle. Our courses and seminars give parents tools to build, healthy, stable relationships with their children and information on how to guide a child through different stages in their development.

Inspiration Activities

Study motivation and confidence are important factors in the promotion of health in young people. Research has shown a correlation between study motivation and developmental and social function. Dysfunction in these areas can be harmful to a young person from an early age, and also have an impact on their entire lifespan.

Mentor’s Inspiration activities aim to inspire young people, to increase the motivation to study and to successfully complete their secondary education. This is achieved through facilitating contact with working adults, who share their experiences of life and work. Through the activities, young people are provided with tangible examples of what they can aspire to, and how their studies and achievements in school can affect their future. The activities are conducted by adult volunteers and our business partners, and have been highly appreciated by both adults and young people.

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